Get Free USA Phone Number In Nigeria, For Verification, Calls and SMS

Many Android, IPhone or PC Users nowadays are trying to get a free USA Number while they're not in the USA. Many people have paid for getting a free USA Phone Number and which is the old method. In Nigeria, there are some people that charges large amount just to get USA Number for people. Now, the good news is that you can now get a US phone number for free to make free international calls, receive verification calls/messages to sign-up and verify strict verification process US-based sites like USA PayPal, Google voice, USA Bing ads Account etc, from Nigeria without spending a dime to anybody, 100% free.

There are lot of site/app used in getting free USA Phone Number and one is Textnow.

TextNow is a messaging application and also a site that gives free U.S phone numbers. It allows you to send text messages (real SMS) to any phone number in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 100 countries in the World for FREE.

TextNow can be used to make free calls to US numbers and also receive calls from anywhere in the world for FREE! You can receive calls, make calls, text and receive messages with it. I used it to open a free USA Whatsapp account. 

It is sad that TextNow is not allowd for the general public, this site/app is meant for those in the U.S, Mexico, and Canada. But there is a way you can access this site/app here in Nigeria and other countries. Therefore, Non-U.S residents can only sign up on TextNow with the help of a VPN. That is, any Vpn that can give you a stable USA IP address. Vpn Master and USA Vpn us work well, download them here.

How To Get Free US Phone Number In Nigeria Via TextNow 

Step 1 : Install the Vpn App Recommended and keep it running by getting it connected to sever.

Step 2 : Now, visit and click on the Sign Up link. Fill in your details and get to ur account created.

Step 3 : After creating your account, download textnow application and log in your account. Here you will be requested to input your Area Code.

Step 4 : Input your Area code and tap on "Continue" button, then select your preferred USA phone number and click on "Continue" button. Now, you should have your own US phone number within AQAP without visiting USA.

Now that you have gotten the USA Number, you can use it to receive SMS and calls and use it for verification online. For more incoviniency, you can get TextNow app on play store for your Android and App Store for iOS.

Non-USA based citizen cant download Textnow app in play store even with the use of Vpn. The best place to get TextNow for your Android Phone is from 3rd party sites like Apk4fun and ApkMonk.

About TextNow Premium 

Upgrading your TextNow to premium is not compulsory but essential. Essential in sense that it helps you to remove annoying ads, lock-in your number, and get your USA call forward to your local number.

  • The Monthly fee is $2.99 
  • The Yearly fee is $29.99 

NB : Always endeavor to use a US based IP address while accessing your TextNow account. That all.


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