Creating Static Pages in WordPress Blog (Beginners Guide)

This is blogging tutorial every blogger using WordPress platform should know. A WordPress Static Pages is a kind of page that allows you to create specific pages like About us, Privacy or Terms and conditions etc. on stand-alone pages that are linked from the source of  your blog.

The/this static pages basically and functionally are the same as blog post pages, but the major thing that make them different is that static pages don't appear in the home page like a blog post, and also they don't have a label, and are not in any way indexed as archive pages. Noted?

Beginners Guide of Creating Static Pages in WordPress Blog 

Writing a page 

Step 1. Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Pages menu in the Navigation menu. Click Add new.

The WordPress page editor looks similar to the post editor, the only feature that differenciate it is few different boxes located on the right side of the screen.

Step 2 : Add the title of the page, like Contact Us and note that If you have pretty permalinks set up, the title of your page will also be the URL slug.
Step 3. Add some content or text to the large box section.

Publishing a page

Step 4 : The Publish section of the page editor is exactly the same as for writing posts. When you’re ready to publish, you can either publish immediately, save this or a draft, or schedule the page to be published later.

5. The Page Attributes section applies a parent page and template to your new page. For the Parent section, you can arrange your pages into hierarchies. For example, you could create this new page with additional pages under it. There are no limits to how many levels you can nest pages.

6. Some WordPress themes have custom page templates, so the next Template section allows you to apply a template to your new page.

7. The Order box allows you to order your page numerically. Pages are usually ordered alphabetically, but you can choose your own order by entering a number in this field.

8. Preview the page one last time, then click Publish. You’ve added a new page to your WordPress site


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