How To Create Responsive, Large Mobile Banner, Leaderboard, Rectangular and Skyscraper AdSense Ad Unit Code

Google AdSense is well known as is an advertising network designed by Google to help website owners or bloggers earn money from their blog or sites. Once your website or blog is approved for AdSense, you can start earning by creating ad unit code and displaying live google ads on your blog or site.

This tutorial will teach you how to create google adsense ad unit code and how to place it on your blog (WordPress or Blogger). There are many types of AdSense ad units. There are responsive, Rectangle, Leaderboard, Mobile banner, Skyscraper and Link ads. These ad units has been activated by Google to display live ads on any blog even the one not approved by AdSense.

How To Create Responsive AdSense Ad Unit Code 

Step 1 : Log in to your Google AdSense Account
Step 2 : Click the "Menu" Icon >>  Click "My Ads" >> Ad Units

Step 3 : Tap the "New Ad Unit" button

Step 4 : You will be taken to a page where you will be prompted to create a new ad unit code.
Step 5 : Input your ad unit name, and choose your ad size. 
These ad units include
Responsive : Responsive ad units is a type of ad unit that display responsibly according to your blog or site widths. It fits your blog or site automatically.
Rectangular : As it indicates, it displays rectangular live Google Ads on your blog or site. I think you know what rectangular means. These include : Large Rectangle, Square, small square.
Horizontal Banner : Horizontal Banner includes live Billboard, Leaderboard and mobile banner ad(s).
Vertical Banner : Vertical Banner includes Ads with Skyscraper Portrait with different size.
Custom size : These are kind of ad size you customize your self and shows on your blog the same way it is been customized by you.
Link Ads : Link Ads are different from banner ads. They displays just text with links hyperlinking with Google AdSense Ads URLs.

Step 6 : Now select your choice of ad unit and choose Text & Display as ad type
Step 7 : Finally click "Save and get ad code".

Now your ad unit code will be displayed on a pop up page still on the same page you create the ad unit code.

However, you can read how to put/implement and display Adsense ad code on WordPress and Blogger Blog.

In my future posts, I will make tutorials on how to add ad units to blogger blog posts using default of official premium themes. So subscribe to my post to get updates of these posts even when you are not online.

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