How To Convert Blog To PDF E-book To Read Offline

Converting a blog or your blog to PDF e-book enables you to read later when offline. I know you will be wondering if this is possible, yes it is possible. Doing this, we are going to make use of an online tool called Blog2Book. Blog2Book is an online platform where you convert your blogger or WordPress blog posts into PDF E-book. Then in this form, you can turn the PDF as an e-book for your readers.

How To Get Started 

Go to On the home page, Click on the “Start Now!” button.

Enter the URL of the blog and select the URL Blog Platform. “WordPress” or “Blogger“.

Then select how many posts you want to fetch OR you can select by date range. Select “Get the Posts ↠” button.

On the next page, untick any posts you wish to not include. Click the “Continue” button.

You will be taken to customization page. Input your title, subtitle and author name. Other settings include :
do not publish images in the book
do not publish post dates in the book
Also, you can add preface and dedication to the book.
After customizing, click the “Create my book!” button.

The last page will contain your blog converted to an e-book online.
Finally, click the “Download e-book!” button.

Your e-book will be downloaded to your to your PC or storage. Now you can view it using apps using to open PDF file.