Computer Village Launches Unified Database to Track Stolen Phones

Following stolen telephones has turned into a thing of test most particularly in Nigeria. Furthermore, one of the infamous spots where instances of revealed telephone robbery happen habitually is the biggest business focus in Lagos well known as Computer Village.

Ikeja Computer village is the biggest business community for telephone merchants in West Africa… regardless of the sort of telephone you are searching for, you'll certainly discover it in Computer village. In any case, criminal exercises have imprinted the picture of this group.

In any case, The Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), an exchange association of Ikeja Computer Village showcase merchants, has teamed up with a software company to build up a web-based interface which empowers the following of stolen telephones.

In spite of the fact that I continue pondering this while why the NG government doesn't have brought together database for all Nigerians regardless of all the NIMC enrollment, SIM Reg and all that perhaps this will have followed effortlessly every Nigerian to their cell phone. All things considered, perhaps the Gov't can take in something from this activity.

View the unified phone database here at