How To Apply For UK or USA Adsense In Nigeria

Google AdSense is as a top advertising network made by Google enables websites owners or bloggers earn money from their site or blog when they implement and display Google ads on their blog. As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, you cannot easily get an approved Nigeria Google AdSense Account if your blog doesn't meet some AdSense requirements like : Sufficient Contents, Complying with AdSense policies and condition, having good traffic especially from search engines etc.

If you have tried Nigeria AdSense and you can't get one approved, the only alternatives is you signing up for either USA or UK AdSense Account. USA and UK approves websites or blogs easily because their policy are not strict like that of Nigeria's. The only trick of getting an AdSense when Nigeria is not helping.

How To Register USA And UK Adsense In Nigeria

Registering a USA or UK AdSense Account in Nigeria is nothing special and does not need any requirements like : US or UK Number or IP. All you need to do here is Choose USA or UK as location when applying for Google AdSense Account.

How To Get Started

Go to

Sign in using your Gmail Account because it is a Google Owned Site.

On the next page, Input your blog url in the "Your Website' section e.g

Click "Yes, Send me customized help and performance suggestions" to help you get guidelines on how to go about the approval.

Choose your Country either of  United States or United Kingdom

Read and accept the AdSense terms and conditions and finally click "Submit".

Successfully, you have created an AdSense publishers account. Now you are one step ahead to get approved. To get your account approved, you will be enabled to log in your AdSense Dashboard, not to start displaying ads and earning but to "Add Your Details"

How To Get Started : Adding Your Details

When logged in to the new created Adsense account, you will be required to add a contact details of your self. These include

  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2 
  • City 
  • State 
  • Postal Code 
  • Phone Number. 
Let all details be UK or US. You can contact me to give you a UK or USA Address (Fees Applied) to sign up and verify your AdSense account when approved. Alternatively you can make use of Shoptomydoor Us or UK Address. 

Fill these details correctly.

NB : You might be required to verify your phone number if it is yours whereby google will send you a 6digits code to put in the required space. Also, if it is a USA or UK AdSense you are applying for, you can use your local number by clicking the Country Icon and select your own country code.

Now click "Submit". And the next page will take you to where you are going to connect your blog or site with Google AdSense. 

How To Get Started : Connecting Your Site To AdSense

On this page, you will be given a html code to implement on your blog theme be it blogger or WordPress. All you need to do is just grab the code, parse and paste it under the <head> in your blogger or WordPress html theme.

The Code Looks like below

<script async src="//"></script><script>
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({
google_ad_client: "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
enable_page_level_ads: true

Then this is how you paste the code

<script async src="//"></script><script>(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({google_ad_client: "ca-pub-xxxxx",enable_page_level_ads: true});</script><body>

Now After pasting the code to your blogger or WordPress blog, "Save" it. Then Click "have pasted the code to my site"

Your application will be submitted immediately and will take a 24hrs - 3days review for you to get an approved reply.

Below is a screenshot of an approved UK AdSense account. Click "Get Started".

The page will congratulate you. Then you can click Create ad code to create ad code. Read How To Create Responsive, Large Mobile Banner, Leaderboard, Rectangular and Skyscraper AdSense Ad Unit Code

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