AdVertising Networks In Nigeria To Monetize Your Blog

Making use of alternative nowadays means we lost the opportunity of using the great ones. A blogger or site owner who wants to get paid for his or her work must be ready to monetize the blog. Though there are several ways to earn from blogging but the major one is making use of ad networks like Google AdSense, infolinks, Propeller ads.

But the issue here is that most paying ad networks are not accepting some sites or blog because they don't comply with their program policy. AdSense is one, once your blog didn't meet their requirements or doesn't comply with their program policy, you can't be approved.

Now, for the main time of you not getting either an AdSense account, you can opt in for some local ad networks that pays if you are in Nigeria or Ghana and some other west Africa countries. This means these ad networks are not only for Nigerians but west Africa at large.

Bloggers in US, UK, Canada, India, China and and many ountries can use these ad networks as far as they have Banks in Nigeria or any west African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and serria leone).


Adquet (Publishers Home) is a Nigerian Top Ad Networks with highest advertisers and publishers that pays blogger. They work with "PPC", "CPC" and Intestial. They pay per clicks depending on type of ads. Adquet isthe Nigeria ad network that has the highest advertisers and pubishers.

How It Works? 

Creating an account is the first, after that you can now add a site to your adquet account to start earning. Once the site is approved, you can now create ad codes and implement on the site. Then you earn when it is been clicked. 

Adquet threshold is N3000 and it is been paid directly into your nigeria bank account. Adquet is as strict as Google Adsense. Once you click your ads, your account get disabled and cannot be reactivated. Join Adquet today by visiting


NG advert (Pay per click & Contextual Ad Network) as it indicates is also a (NG) Nigeria ad network that pays bloggers. They work maybe hand in hand with adquet. They pay out like Adquet, designed like adquet. 

Ng Adverts is the only ad network in Nigeria that gives free money to advertiser for you to advertise any product.

How Ng adverts Works ?

Before, you don't have to add a site like adquet before earning, once you sign up for ng adverts, you start earning immediately by placing live ads on your blog. Now, you have to add a site and once the site is approved, you can start earning. Checkout my approved ng adverts below.

You can read on ng adverts site on how to get approved quickly

Ng adverts pays minimum of 3000 naira also to publishers directly to their nigeriabank account. So you can join NG Adverts at and sign up as publisher. You can also make money from it Referals Program. 

3. DOCHASE :  

Dochase is another ad network in Nigeria with many publishers and advertisers that pays blogger and site owners. 

I don't have much to say about Dochase because they delay in showing earnings after ads in been clicked. Dochase is also strict in handling ads they deactivate your account once notice any spam click on your live ads.

They pay high on Cpc only which are unnecessary to bloggers or site owners.  Therefore you can start your life with Dochase at


Nairapp ( Nigerian online & mobile advertising network) is a straight forward ad network in Nigeria that pays per click. Though Nairapp doesn't have enough advertisers even as they collect N500 daily per ads. 

There are two ways to earn from Nairapp. CIA ad network and via affiliate. In referring, you will earn 85% of money paid or spent by advertisers your refer, and 13% of money earned by publisher you refer. In Nairapp, the type of banner ad determine they amount they pay per click. Checkout below snapshot. 

The screenshot above reveals that the highest paid ad units are the banner ads 468x60 and the Mobile Text ad. Join Nairapp today via my referral link

By now, you should have a complete motive for opting for these ad networks just to grow your earnings as a blogger or webmaster.