How To Add Title, Description and Meta Tags Description in Blogger Blog

Talking about description in blogging aspect, it means what a particular blog is talking about. While Title means the name of the blog alongside with the blog description. In this post, there will be more explanation. Adding a description to your blog enables your audience, viewers or readers know what your blog is really talking about and this must be some how related to your blog niche (We all know what niche means in blogging).

Adding Meta Tags to your blog? Adding meta tags to your blog makes search engines crawl and index your Post when related searches are made by users who are looking for something on Google. This will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by making your blog effective in search engines, boosting traffics and others. 

However, in this tutorial, I will teach you how to add or enable description and meta tags description on your blogger blog. Though it looks easy but most people don't know about it. 

How To Get Started 

Adding Title and Description

1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard 
2. Click the "Settings" Tab 
3. Tap "Basic" Button. On this page, you will find another "Basic" section. Beneath it, you will see  Title and Description.
4. Now you can click "add" then input your blog title and description in the section box provided with 500 characters Max! 

Adding Meta Tags Description

1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard 
2. Click the "Settings" Tab 
3. Tap "Search Preferences" Button. .
4. On this page, you will see a Meta Tag section and beneath it is "Description" 
5. Now click "Yes" to enable you input your blog description. 

NB : This is the description that Search Engines will Crawl. Therefore wisely input your description that also moves alongside with your blog niche.