How To Add a Banner Ad Into Your WordPress Blog (Sidebar)

After making post on How To Implement or Put Banner Ad On Blogger Blog, I decided to make that same post for WordPress blog.  WordPress is another great blogging platform that heps you create a free blog for you publish your passion your own way. Have you created a blog and start receiving hits from everywhere, especially adverts inquiry or monetization, I will teach you how to put ad code on your WordPress blog with ease.

Sidebar is a widget where to add banners or ads on your WordPress blog. There are two ways to do this - if your theme supports widgets in your sidebar, you can add a Text widget with your banner code in it, or you can add the code directly to the sidebar.php file of your theme if your theme supports widgets ; 

1. Go to Appearance >> Widgets

2. Drag a Text widget to the appropriate widget area. In our case that would be "Main Sidebar".
3. Now we will place this widget right under the search field for the purpose of this tutorial.
4. Lastly, paste the banner code in it, set a title for the widget (that's optional, leave it empty if you don't want to have a title above your banner) and hit the Save button.

This will place the banner you want into the sidebar of your WordPress site.

If your theme does not support widgets you'll need to add your banner code directly into the sidebar.php. You can edit this file from the Appearance >> Editor part of your WordPress admin page.

That's all.