How To Activate Email Subscription On Your Feed Burner

I made a post on how to create feed burner for your blog and here I want to teach you how to activate email subscription on it. Activating email subscription on your feed burner make your blog reader get posts updates of your blog by their mail. Here, you have to place a subscription form on your site for your readers to give them another way to keep up with your blog.

Activating email subscription on your feed burner, it gives you a subscription link and a subscription form. Subscription form will be given in html format(for you to copy and paste in your blog widget or template.

How To Activate Email Subscription On Your Feed Burner 

Step 1 : Go to, then sign in with the gmail you use to create a free burner.
Step 2 : Click on your feed title
Step 3 : Tap "Publicize" from the Tab
Step 4 : New page opens, here tap "Email Subscription" from the options given. Your service will be inactive. Click "Activate" button to activate your service.

Step 5 : Now the email subscription page will display it real contents. Here you will see a email subscription form and a preview link.

You are free to copy the email subscription form and paste it in your blog widget. And also you can copy the preview link and share with your friends.

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